Great Weekend


So this past weekend was awesome. I went out on Thunder Friday afternoon and had a fabulous time, except for the fact that he apparently does not like dumpsters. Hmm who knew. Oh well Saturday I slept in till eleven. Was that ever awesome! Hung out with the hubby all afternoon and went to his sisters baby shower at the park. Played a little football with a couple of the kids and saw a few alligators. That night we took off for Raymond James to the American Invitational. It was an awesome horse jumping competition. Definitely a nail biter as a few of the riders were thrown and one horse went down on his neck. Yikes super scary to watch but everyone was ok. Thank God! It was a very close contest and I was sad to see that the girl in the lead lost to a man… boo hoo girl power! Oh well it was super close none the less. Anywho Sunday was the usual church in the morning. We were stuck in traffic for an hour on our way home though and that sucked. The rest of the night we relaxed as we prepared our minds for work on Monday. I cant believe were already a week into April. Crazy! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy this awesome pictures. Love ya

This first picture is a bit of a blooper. The horse actually threw the rider at one of the tripple jumps that he obviously didnt want to do. It took a couple treats to get the horse to finally calm down and go back to his owner. The rider was fine by the way. And the last picture was dressage done to music. Very cool


Free Oil Changes!

Hey ya’ll I’m working on my weekend re-cap post. So in the meantime I figured I’d put this poster up for ya. Please if your in the area and you are or you know a single mom or military wife let them know about this. We usually do not see alot of action from this event and I think its a shame. This is not a scam in any way shape or form. This is just a way for us to give back to our community and take care of the great women in it. There is no charge and you don’t need to bring anything. Please just make sure to make an appointment as we will have to pre-order oil and filters. Thanks so much for spreading the word. 727-393-4957


Weekend Fun

Woo what a great weekend. Friday we left work at noon and I headed out for a three hour ride. Boy was it ever nice out, beautiful day for a ride for sure. Thunder showed me just how much he loves the trails and we got a full out gallop. He has definitely been holding out on me. At one point we took off and I guess he spooked and jumped to the left full out. Well I moved right and came down on the hardest part of the saddle. Ouch! Needless to say I was happy I was riding English and not Western or I might have just impaled myself. Sorry for the visual. Anywho other than that little mishap it was a beautiful ride and I’m starting to love him.

my boy

Saturday consisted of shopping, shopping and more shopping. Neal and I needed new outfits for a friends 40th Birthday we were celebrating that night. What a great time we had with Prateek. Mary put together a great party and we partied till three in the morning. Woo my body definitely is not used to staying up that late and with Easter morning service the next morning to boot.


Speaking of Sunday was a beautiful service at church. Our pastor Bobby did a great job and I’m so thankful to have such an awesome church family. The rest of the afternoon consisted of sleep, dog washing, house washing, Game of Thrones season premier and Walking Dead season finale. All in all it was a great weekend and left me feeling blessed for all that I have. Hope your Eater weekend was just as fabulous.

Enough is Enough


Enough is enough already! Sorry for yelling but this cold weather is really getting to me.
I know I know I shouldn’t be upset and I’ll probably be the first one to complain when its ninety out.
But come on April 1st is Monday. We should be boating and enjoying the outdoors.
I don’t know how it is where you come from, but in Florida 65 is bitter cold ok. Ok so that’s my tantrum for the day.
In my defense Brody my big puppy is over the cold as well. So there! Hoping for a nice warm weekend to celebrate an awesome Savior.
Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Were off work tomorrow so I’ll see you Monday. Love ya


So I realize I have not been blogging for a little bit. So sorry! Its been a bit busy lately. I started a whole wonderful blog post about my birthday festivities but its taking me forever to recount everything. So possibly be next birthday it will be done. Anywho I just recently started leasing a horse and it has literally taken up all of my mind space. If that even makes sense. I used to ride allot in high school and I really missed. I wanted to buy a horse but the cost is substantial. Leasing for right now seems to be the best option. His name is Thunder and he. is. awesome! His gate is super smooth and I just love his whole demeanor. The lady I’m leasing from is so sweet and its been a really great experience thus far. On the job front we have a fun little project car going on right now. Its a 1995 Fire chicken (Firebird Trans Am) and it needs a few things. One thing it needs is a new Fuel pump. The fuel pump on these cars is basically built in to the rear end and its a true bear to get out. Thus the trap door method comes into play. Basically you enter into the fuel tank thru a trap door in the trunk. The problem is you have to make the trap door its not just there. Its actually very dangerous and I would recommend you do this at home. First you stencil out where you’ll put your trap door and then you cut into the trunk with a grinder. Sparks fly! I did not like watching my husband do this at all but I digress. Once you’ve made your trap door, you simply pull your pump out of the top of gas tank. Easy peasy! I wish I could have taken pictures of the process but there were to many sparks. Well its back to work I go, just wanted to let you know that I’m back to my regular broadcast and to have a great day. Enjoy some pictures of Thunder and my husband and I at the chili Blaze.


thunder head




So if you live in Florida I don’t have to tell you how cold it is right now for us Floridians. Sure you northerners are used to this, but us…. no bueno! The weather here has been so wonky. I mean one day its eighty and the next its forty. What the what! I’m over it Florida I need my sunshine stat. Neal and I decided to hit up the strawberry festival after church Sunday. On Fox news Friday they interviewed these awesome Amish people (huh awesome and Amish in the same sentence). They make this donut stuffed with strawberries and whipped cream. Let me tell you I had to have this. This was my cheat to end all cheats and was all I could think about for days. So after church Sunday we braved the cold so I could partake in this deliciousness. This was the coldest Sunday we have had in a long time and the wind was just out of control. We searched hi and low for this Amish goodness and probably past the place a thousand times. When we finally found it the line was a little much but the reward was worth it. This puppy was so good I almost couldn’t believe it. I chowed that thing down so fast that I didn’t even get a picture. Major props to the Amish bakery. Thanks for making my cheat dreams come true. I must add though my stomach was killing me after the crap we ate that day. Cheat days have actually helped me stick to the clean eating. So that’s a plus. Ta Ta


Squirrel Demons!


20130226_124743SQUIRREL DEMON

So todays post is about squirrels! Yes that’s right those cute little fluffy things that your neighbor loves to feed. Well the squirrel problems we’ve had here lately aren’t the cute and fluffy kind. These squirrels are mostly demon like. Follow me here. In the winter your car because a sweet little warm cozy home to these pesky critters. They love to take your air filter and turn it into a nice warm little bed. Then after the’ve made their sweet little home they look around for things to file there sweet little teethe on. Grant it its not just squirrels we have definitely seen it all here. From rats, spiders, owls, snakes, you name it we’ve definitely seen it. Sometimes its not pretty. Once we had a lady call in and scream me out because her belt (that we had just replaced) had come off her car and she was going to have to tow it in. Once the van got here it became very clear to us why the belt had come off. A rat must have been sitting on the belt when she turned it on. Needless to say it was a pretty ugly mess and your lucky I deleted those photos. The most recent issue we have here today is a squirrel who ate thru the fuel lines and part of the tank. This cost the customer about nine hundred dollars to replace all the problem areas. So the moral of this story is this. Squirrels although super cute and fuzzy are secretly little demons looking to cause thousands in damage to your unsuspecting car. Watch out those bugers are everywhere. Have a great day! 


Why is it so hard?


Yo! So why is it so hard to eat right???? I mean its crazy all I want is junk food. I feel like I need it to survive. My body is screaming for it!!!!! But eating the right foods has my scale singing sweet things to me. Things like you’ve lost three pounds in three days. Your doing great keep at it. These things help for sure. Its so funny how eating right makes you feel. I mean I have so much energy and I’m actually feeling pretty good now that I’m past day one. But jeeze I still want junk! Neal on the other hand…. He’s having a little bit of a harder time with it. If he hasn’t eaten in a couple hours he turns into a grizzly. You know that snickers diva commercial. Well that’s him to a tee before we started this diet. Now its straight to angry. I told he should go ahead and have some bread today. Hope that helps. Well back to work I go. Looks like tonight’s gonna be another late work night. Woo hoo! Not! Have a happy weekend



Oi!. So Neal and I decided that its time to eat better. I’ve been following a friend on Facebook and she started a slow carb diet about a month ago. She is looking awesome and her positive attitude makes me happy to try. Last night I ventured out to the grocery to get the things we would need for this slow carb adventure. Its pretty easy to shop for as your options are pretty limited. No sugar, no starches, no dairy, no fruit. Just basically meat, fish, eggs, veggies and beans. I decided that I would make an egg, sausage and spinach fritata for breakfast. If we had eaten it right out of the oven i think it would have been OK, but since it sat in the fridge all night it was a little mah. Oh well chalk it up to learning experience. For lunch we had a rotisserie chicken and green beans and for dinner we’ll be having steak, peppers and onions. Its not so bad… I’ve been a little hungry but I’m not sure its even that. The extra desert delights chewing gum has definitely become a lifesaver and I must admit I’m chain chewing. But its all for the greater good right? right! The shop is still cranking out allot of work and don’t get me wrong I’m happy for the business but sheesh can we just get caught up already. Holy moly three months ago I would be begging for this madness. It could be worse though so I’ll deal. Well I’m off to get my hair did. Have a happy hump day!


Howdy sorry for the delay in blogging. WordPress has been a little funny lately and I don’t have time for that mess. This weekend was awesome, getting to it not so much. Last week was the nuttiest week we have ever had here at the shop. Super busy with lots of weird things happening. Friday we decided to go in early to leave early. Ha Ha that was a joke. I had to leave at noon for my LEEP procedure. Which wasn’t to bad by the way. I had planned on going home after the procedure due to well you know why. Neal and I had planned on meeting our friends Dave, Gloria and Jo Jo at Little Manatee State Park to camp for the weekend. They have a beautiful camper with heat.(key word) Unfortunately Neal did not get home till about 7:30 that night. We left for the park at 9:30 but it was so worth it. Such a beautiful weekend and park. We went to see the manatees at the power plant where the water is nice and warm. Very cool! We had burgers on the fire that night and roasted peeps. A roasted peep is an incredible thing. The sugar on the outside crystallizes and the mellow inside gets gooey. Its like eating creme brulet on a stick. YUMMY! Definitely my favorite. On our way home Sunday we stopped at Ellenton Outlet Mall to see what sales were kickin. I basically hit the jackpot at American Eagle. I got $300 worth for $150. Baller! Anywho all in all it was a fab weekend and much needed after our nutty week. Here’s to hoping this week isn’t as crazy as the last one. Love ya







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